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How we can work together

1:1 Leadership Programmes

Emerging Leaders Programme

This 6-month programme supports leaders stepping into their first C-suite roles to identify your leadership identity, develop agility in your approach, play to your strengths, use your time valuably, get conflict confident and effectively influence and motivate your team.

First 100 days Programme

A 3-month programme that supports you through the first 100 days of your new leadership role so you can hit the ground running. Clarify your role purpose and goals, plan the roadmap to achieve it, adapt to work effectively in the new organisational culture.

Conflict-confident Leadership™

Increase your ability to work effectively with conflict by increasing your self-awareness around your conflict beliefs and behaviours and develop new ways to solve problems and influence others.

Conflict Clinic & Mediation

For Leaders in need of a one-off bespoke consultation regarding a specific upcoming difficult conversation, or mediation of an existing team conflict.

Team Leadership

Team Performance Programme

This 6-12 month programme supports you as a team to identify and upgrade your most value creating identity for your organisation and its stakeholders.

Develop your relationships and processes to increase your performance. Focused on the why, what and how of your team, the programme includes an audit of where you are today, where you need to be, and carves out your roadmap to getting there.

Team Leadership Workshops

Increase your individual or team performance around a specific identified skill. Workshop themes include (but are not limited to):

  • Decision Making 
  • The art of difficult conversations
  • Building resilience 
  • Influencing and motivaiting others 

Nurturing Conflict-confident Teams™

Identify your own and others default conflict and communication styles and preferences, review how you solve problems, then learn and implement new approaches and processes that are proven to support healthy and productive conflict as a critical ingredient for any ambitious organisation.

Email me for more detailed information on any of my programmes or to enquire about bespoke offsite facilitation or team building events.

“Alice is hands-down the most effective coach I have partnered with and had a massive impact on our business; helping me develop myself, my leadership team”

Chris Schulze Melander

MD - Method & Ecover