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How we can work together

1:1 Leadership Programmes

First-time Founders Programme

This 6-month programme is bespoke, tailored to your specific goals. You may want to; reflect on your leadership purpose, increase your agility to lead in changing contexts, identify your unique strengths, re-set how to use your time most valuably, make difficult decisions, increase your conflict competence and learn new tools and techniques to effectively influence and motivate your team.

First 100 days Programme

For experienced leaders this 3-month programme is designed to support you through the first 100 days of your new leadership role so you can hit the ground running. Clarify your role purpose and goals, plan the roadmap to achieve it, adapt to work effectively in the new organisational culture, overcome early stage roadblocks.

Team Leadership

High Performing Team Programme

For teams at key inflection points and moments of transition, this 6-12 month team programme supports you as a team to identify and elevate the value you deliver as a team to the business and its stakeholders.

Focused on the why, what and how of your team this programme enables you to develop your relationships, mindsets and processes to increase your collective impact, moving from a group of individual experts to a high performing team.

Board Team Programme

This 3-6 month programme is for boards who need to re-set or increase their collective value.  Transforming the board's ability to collaborate effectively, align behind a shared purpose and key decisions, unlock deep engagement, learn the art of effective debate that embraces difference, resulting in informed and effective decision making.

Co-founder Coaching

Co-founder relationship breakdown accounts for 67% of startup failures (Harvard).  Investing in your co-founder relationship from the get go can ensure that amongst all the challenges that starting and scaling a business presents, your co-founder relationship is set on good foundations with a relationship 'contract' in place to prepare for the challenges that inevitably lay ahead. For co-founders further along the journey, coaching can provide a space to identify the issues before they grow and equip you to have the difficult but critical conversations for those issues that remain unresolved and threaten the future of the partnership and business.

Constructive Challenge Workshop

In this workshop your team or cohort will:

  • Understand your individual and organisational default conflict styles and how they are supporting or blocking your ability to engage in healthy conflict as a team. 
  • Get clarity on the different types of difficult conversations you need to have and the barriers to having them effectively today  
  • Explore and experiment with new skills, mindsets and behaviours that support more open, constructive conflict and honest conversations
  • Develop a shared understanding, language and set of expectations and commitments for how you challenge, feedback and debate moving forward. 

Email me for more detailed information on any of my programmes or to enquire about bespoke offsite facilitation or team building events.

“Alice is hands-down the most effective coach I have partnered with and had a massive impact on our business; helping me develop myself, my leadership team”

Chris Schulze Melander

MD - Method & Ecover