I'm Alice

Leadership & Conflict Coach

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I’m a Leadership Coach
on a mission to build up Conflict-CoNFIDENT Leaders™

I work with
leaders who are

Ambitious with big plans,  audacious goals and no time to lose.

Committed to bringing out the best in themselves and their teams to increase their chances of success.

Hungry to experiment with and develop new evidence-based ways of thinking and doing.

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I help leaders and their teams reach ambitious goals by increasing their leadership impact

My coaching programmes enable leaders to:

Clarify their leadership purpose.

Identify their highest impact styles that play to their strengths.

Inspire, empower and motivate their teams.

Make effective decisions.

Enable a constructive conflict team culture

Develop leadership adaptability and agility

Develop and deploy resilience strategies.

Implement the latest evidence-based research on effective leadership.

"Alice is my secret weapon"

Fergus Hay

NED & CEO - Elysian Fields

My particular focus for research: Productivity and Conflict

Getting the relationship between productivity and conflict right is a prerequisite of effective leadership:

The conflict culture must be set up to work for, not against the organisation. 

Leaders must seek to become highly effective and competent at managing difficult but critical conversations.

This is possible by actively nurturing constructive conflict and crucially, reducing the time and energy lost through toxic conflict.

My Conflict Confident Leadership™ and Conflict-Confident Teams™ programmes can help you develop a culture of healthy challange.

Hang on –
when is conflict ever ‘good’?

Maximising the amount of time we spend in constructive conflict is essential for effective effort:

Conflict can be constructive when you are able to manage the act of welcoming diverse perspectives.

A disagreement or clash of ideas, feelings or thoughts isn’t automatically a bad thing.

Destructive or toxic conflict is the active rejection of diverse perspectives.

Effective effort is a precondition of progress, innovation and growth. Without it, ideas go unchallenged, opportunities may be missed and flaws in plans aren’t spotted.

Greater perspective gives us the chance to make our ideas more ambitious and robust, and more likely to be successfully realised.

“Over the course of the programme, I've developed as a leader and have a much deeper understanding of how I can bring the value to my business”

Harry Keen

CEO – Hazy